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Children's Dentistry

Healthy habits and regular dental visits are the best way to influence a child's oral health. Dr. Simer believes that positive early experiences are a key to a lifetime of health and reduced dental anxiety. Throughout his career, he has truly valued the opportunity to establish trust and interact with children.

We recommend cleaning and examining children's teeth every 6 months. Our dentist will also perform a fluoride treatment to prevent future tooth decay. The fluoride will make young teeth more resistant to plaque and sugars in the mouth.

Our office uses digital x-ray equipment which allows our dentist to better diagnose any treatment necessary and exposes your child to less radiation than older machines. If cavities are detected, Dr. Simer will use composite (white) fillings.

While examining the development of children's baby teeth and permanent teeth, Dr. Simer will also be able to discuss with parents if braces should be explored as an option to ensure crucial spacing in adolescent development. We regularly field and answer questions from concerned parents on the development and spacing of their children's teeth.

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