Children’s Brushing Recommendations by Age

Dr. Simer believes parents are the first pediatric dentists in their child’s life by teaching and reinforcing healthy dental habits. The following are basics that we hope you find helpful. However, as always each child is different and our office is here to help if you have questions.

Toddlers- Brush your child’s teeth for at least 30 seconds after breakfast and before bed. Work up to 1 minute each brushing for ideal dental health. At 2-3 years old begin using toothpaste and flossing when two teeth are touching.

Preschoolers- It’s important to encourage brushing and make it a positive experience. Brushing your teeth at the same time as a child and providing lots of positive feed
back can encourage positive dental habits in a chld’s development. Limiting sugary juices and soda for water is encouraged for optimal dental health.

By age 6-7, your child should be able to brush their teeth solo. Each child should brush twice a day for two minutes each. Parents are still encouraged to monitor and communicate with their child about brushing to make sure each child is remembering to brush.

The below link contains helpful information and even 2 minute videos to help children know how long to brush.


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